Evasive Slumber

Sleep avoids my needs.

Evasive and avoiding,

Please give me reprieve.


2 thoughts on “Evasive Slumber”

  1. Meditation helps me a lot these days mate. I believe that for some of us with bipolar problems meditation is extremely effective if we are ready to go down that path. Medications for me were like invasive surgery in most cases until lithium and when I finally got that just about everything was a lot better. We usually have pre-existing trauma too and we often self medicate for years trying to get it all back together. It is difficult for us and those who love us. Luckily there are still some fantastic and beautiful people still in the world and some who give us so much before they leave it.
    Sleep is so important mate. Macbeth killed it apparently 😎
    We are usually smart or at least gifted people. I draw a strong line between those of us mad from sleep problems which end up full scale psychosis… and criminal behavior. No matter how sick I have been- and I was an elite athlete whose body ate itself down to 42kg then had to be brought back to life when I didn’t have enough alcohol in me – we can always make choices between being sick and between acting towards others in ways we don’t like being treated ourselves.
    It’s hard sometimes but doing our best no matter the pain is reward itself.
    Good luck mate. If you get to Australia you will go for the Essendon Bombers 😆

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