I just found out late yesterday that I need to prepare a presentation for tomorrow, for a meeting I had no clue about until last night.

I’m pissed off.

And the lady in the front office has chocolate candies on her desk in a bowl. I hate her now.

And I hate that I feel like crying.

I hate feeling overwhelmed.

I’m a pissy little bitch today!

And my boss bought me a beer last night and I drank it, even though I had every intention of refusing it.



4 thoughts on “Frustrated…”

  1. I hate the way my office is always full to the brim with chocolate. How the hell is a woman supposed to lose some weight around here. I already have the ball and chain strapped around my ankle with the words EMPLOYEE brandished into the metal. I don’t see why they don’t just brand me with a serial number so I can get scanned every time I go for interviews.

    The illness revelled in your pain, it wore you down and put a beer in front of you. Whenever you feel down, remember, your illness is with you on that day. It’s curled around your neck like a snake waiting to suffocate you. It tightens with every breath. Don’t let it. Get to a meeting, call someone but most of all, call on your higher power. It will guide you.


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  2. It’s OK to be a pissy little bitch sometimes. I would’ve been pissed to. But, I must say I would’ve grabbed a handful of those chocolates and devoured them. Ha! I hope your presentation went well. You’re a great writer and have no problem putting your thoughts down so I’m sure it was incredible. Hugs Tar!

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