AJ: Beautiful

I haven’t written in my Appreciation Jar in a while, nor my Beautiful You Journal, but today I felt the need to write something. Today I was called “beautiful”.

I love that someone thinks of me this way.  I have become really fond of the more feminine compliments I receive. For some reason, the idea that I can be beautiful or pretty is something that has always evaded me. On some level, being a man sort of defies that mentality, but like being told I have a Beautiful Soul, it’s also nice to hear I’m beautiful.

I’ve mentioned in other posts, that I have no desire to change my physical gender, but I really and truly appreciate the feminine side of myself that I know exists and needs nurturing. Many of you do that for me and I am so appreciative of that. And although, I know that I will never be (nor do I want to) 100% feminine, I love it when someone recognizes any femininity in me, because it makes me feel…



15 thoughts on “AJ: Beautiful”

  1. I think your blog is inspiring. I have a loved one, an older man who just started cross dressing about 2 years ago and is still very shy about it. Very few people know about it. I only think that’s good because in the community we live, he would be subjected to unnecessary ridicule. He has dealt with a lot of emotions within himself and is still working through some things – trying to decipher what reservations are societal conditioning, what are his own issues and how far he wants to go. He, like you, has no desire to change his gender. He just likes feeling feminine sometimes and enjoys being nurtured – something entirely new to him. I like how you’ve come to accept yourself just as you are and feel no need to categorize yourself with a label. I’m going to tell him about your blog.

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  2. Of course you are beautiful my friend!! Just like me, it seems you too, have a few parts of yourself that are a bit “broken” in some way, but in my mind, that is what makes you all the more beautiful; how you are struggling – and overcoming all of it. Keep fighting, beautiful friend!! 💙

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    1. I had another blogger recommend a book called “A Beautiful You”. It’s really good, though I haven’t followed along much lately and probably need to get back on track. There is a link to the book in my very first BYJ entry. 😊


  3. You are beautiful in the way you learn to accept yourself. Every realisation that brings you closer to happiness fills us all with joy. And now you have concrete proof of how you inspire us.
    Thank you for being beautiful! 😍

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