Day 2…

So, all of the same problems still exist, but I am on a 2nd day without beer in me. I’m going to be leaving work early to go look at a place to rent, while I’m here working (I’m still looking for work back home) – which is great.Ā  I’ll be driving back to Colorado this afternoon and then we’ll see if I can get through another day.

But today, is day 2 (Come to think of it, I don’t know why it’s so important for people to count…maybe I just take today as it is.)


23 thoughts on “Day 2…”

      1. Seriously….one day at a time. Screw counting. It just puts undo pressure on you. Ya know? Just choose to have a lemonade or something each time your at the convenience store, a restaurant, or any place else you might be able to have a beer. One instance at a time.

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      1. You can do this! I know you can! Just a thought…if AA isn’t working out for you, maybe look into local rehab programs. No judgement if you say no, just throwing out a suggestion that I’ve seen work wonders for others. Hang in there. Some people joke that they have enough white chips to tile their whole bathroom floor but they eventually got sober and stayed sober šŸ™‚ All that matters is that you keep coming back. Do you have a sponsor?

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            1. ” ONE DAT AT A TIME” I put together 24 years of them. I do not know why people count the days. Maybe for encouragement to themselves and others that it can be done. I stopped counting a long time ago and just say that I am sober today after a wise old timer told me that the farther away you get from your last drink only means the closer you are to your next one. Food for thought !!

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      1. it really is… last Friday was a crazy kind of day at work and I felt SOOOO good after the yoga class that evening, AND Saturday too… going again after work today šŸ˜€

        sweat. it out.

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