Trying to be upbeat…

…when it feels like my entire world is pounding me from all sides is a difficult place to be.

Obviously, I have not given up alcohol on a complete basis, and I am well aware I drank last night just to relieve some major stress.  I might have mentioned it before (I’m too lazy to look back through my posts), but the company where I work is only going to pay for the hotel room I’m staying until next Wednesday and then I am on my own. They expected me to move up here and I thought I could convince my family to do the same, but no one wants to move here to Wyoming. Honestly, I don’t either, but it’s my only choice at the moment.  Of course, most of you who follow my blog are well aware of this fact.

Although, my job pays well and has good benefits, I’m not comfortable that I can make it work paying for two households. And it is more difficult to find a decent place that doesn’t require a payment to include first and last month’s rent along with a security deposit.  I am looking at one place, that will require about $1600 up-front, but will then only be $650/month rent (utilities included) from that point on.  It’s the best option. In this situation, my monthly expenses will only increase about $1000.  But, I won’t have that money by next week.  So, I’m a tad scared.

Okay…who am I kidding? I’m fucking terrified.


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