Sometimes, when I am extremely stressed out…

…all I think about is sex.


14 thoughts on “Sometimes, when I am extremely stressed out…”

  1. Don’t be ashamed!! Sex is one of the most natural needs we experience, next to the need to eat. And, of course, to be warm and comfortable. I experience your pain so much… I’m constantly thinking about sex, even though I’ve basically temporarily sworn off of it (not like anybody wants to have sex with me anyway). I think the desire to have sex is one of our most basic needs. Previous generations met that need through culturally-sanctioned marriages; others sublimate that need into passion for a profession or hobby. Honestly, that last one is really hard. I think that, mostly, for many people the need for sex is a need for intimacy and love. If you have enough of those things, perhaps one can do without the sex. If not, though, life can become a terrible burden. Try sublimating your sex drive by doing something really fun and completely lacking in any kind of personal growth potential. Visit an amusement park. Watch a funny movie. Listen to Louis C.K. on Pandora. That’s basically a start. Good luck, honey. I know just how tough this is.


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