AJ: “Girl”

Today, I commented on another blogger’s post (She has a fun little blog, by the way) and she referred to me as a “girl” when thanking me.  It made me smile and I feel at ease today, since I am under a ton of stress today.

I have always felt I had a bit of a dual gender and have never really felt completely comfortable as a male, but at the same time, I have no desire to change my physical “parts”. But I enjoy both aspects – male and female – at various times.  I’ve never fully understood it, but for some reason I feel at ease when I’m accepted as either.  Today, having someone refer to me as a “girl”, just kind of made me smile.

So, I felt I needed to put this in my Appreciation Jar, since it made me feel good.


13 thoughts on “AJ: “Girl””

  1. Hey I say whatever makes you feel good! I have always been bi and enjoyed whatever ‘brush I was painted in’ If feels good to me to be able to feel good in both ‘lights’ and to be able to connect with both genders as well but I feel more male-minded. I feel only in the last 3 years have I become more ‘girlie’

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    1. My “girlishness” has only come out from time to time. Ironically enough, it’s been in the last 3 years that I had given it more thought and now I am at a place where I can understand it…well, understand it more than I once did. lol

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      1. Me too, LOL. For me it was just learning to be comfortable with me and others not pushing me to be girlie and letting me do it in my own time. Though I am female I was tired of everyone forcing me to do it. I was ok being very masculine. But now I enjoy being girlie 85% of the time with a touch of tom boy. But I still think like a guy, LOL (i’m not sure that will ever change)

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  2. It’s funny because the same happens to me. I manage a team of 4 guys and recently they told me how they love the way I AM one of the lads. I have always been very masculine in a lot of my opinions and behaviour. I can still be very feminine and dress up beautifully in a dress and hells with full make up to go out. It’s the duality of who we are. I have secretly loved it since these comments started when I was about 13 surrounded by boy friends in school. I embrace it and I’m glad you do too.

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