Terrifying Dreams

As some of you know, I’m a type 1 diabetic. That means I am insulin dependent and I have been since I was child and I have been living with it for 38 years. One of the major issues in dealing with diabetes is blood sugar control. Yes, of course I realize drinking alcohol impacts this control in negative ways; but in my defense, I haven’t given up fighting. Well, as I make strides in distancing myself from drinking (I’m still struggling, but I’m going to win!), I am having issues with my blood sugar and having to make changes to the insulin I take. Well, sometimes when you take more insulin than you need, your blood sugar drops drastically.  This happened to me last night.  But before I discuss that, I want to mention something else – the relationship between moods and blood sugar.

You see, your blood sugar and your moods are intertwined. Stress affects blood sugar and blood sugar affects mood. Stress is an interesting phenomena, because the body’s fight or flight mechanism will create a situation where stored sugars are dumped into the blood for energy. This creates high blood sugar in a diabetic, since we don’t naturally produce insulin. High blood sugar destroys your mood, it makes you feel lethargic, pissy, irritable, etc.  Likewise, low blood sugar, which is usually caused from having too much insulin in the blood stream, creates a lot of different moods too. Sometimes, you can even appear drunk, because your speech is slurred, you stumble around, slow reaction time, etc.  Another blessing of low blood sugar is very vivid dreams when you are sleeping. And since low blood sugar also creates a sense of panic in the body – it literally feels like you’re going to die unless you get food immediately – sometimes the dreams created are terrifying or weird.

Typically my low blood sugar dreams are weird in that they give me a warped sense of time and reality. During this time, I can’t tell if I am awake or asleep and my dreams become my reality. during some of these times, I have seen my body float through space and time (It sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone coming on), in which I see the totality of human existence fly by me in a manner of seconds only to be consumed in a fiery inferno of a nuclear holocaust.  Those terrify me like nothing I have experienced.

Last night’s dream was different though. In the dream, I was checking into a high class hotel. I remember handing my expense card to the hotel clerk and she informed me of the cost, and I paid it. At the time, I thought, “Wow, that’s really expensive for one night…”. I got on an elevator and rode it up to the top floor. Then I exited in a lobby of sorts, and I was directed to another tower of the hotel. I ordered a latte from a Starbuck’s in the walkway leading to the other tower and then got on another elevator to go back down.  Then I got off the elevator to see the lobby I had entered originally. I got back on the same elevator, rode it to the top, walked across the walkway, ordered a latte, got on the other elevator and went down. This repeated over and over and I felt myself begin to panic with this endless pursuit.

At this point, I woke up and realized I wasn’t feeling well. I tested my blood sugar and it was 57 mg/dl – during the night it should be 100-120 mg/dl.  It was extremely low.  I treated it and for my blood sugar to come back up.

Anyways…I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I felt like I needed to share it for some reason…


16 thoughts on “Terrifying Dreams”

  1. I had a series of strokes about 10 years ago… I also had very vivid and odd dreams.
    I am completely convinced that we humans are capable of so much more than we realize… If we can only figure out how to use all of our brains

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  2. I know far too many people who have type 1 or 2 and far too many of them thumb their noses at managing their blood sugar (which, I can understand since it is not easy to control). It is hard to watch their battles. I feel for you.

    I suffer from recurring nightmares and have for years. The same 2-3 nightmares hit me, especially in stressful times. They are horrific and filled with catastrophe and death. I suffer from PTSD from my past (that I won’t go into in this arena).

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      1. I hope you find peaceful sleep and rest..and be diligent in your care for your body. It took me far too long to understand that the abuse that I was levying on my body was paying negative dividends to my emotional (in addition to the physical) health.

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  3. Nice, descriptive post. The part where you broke down the sugar levels effects on the body,was fascinating. That would explain why I would feel like a zombie whenever Im stressed.

    The lucid dream thing always spooked me out, but calmed me at the same time. I think dreams are maps for us to take. The dream just presents the blueprint or scenario before we have the option on a conscious level.

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