Restless, Irritable & Discontent.

One of the catch slogans AA uses to warn an alcoholic when they are tempted to drink is “Restless, Irritable & Discontent”. And I am experiencing that today.

I’m struggling a little bit with my new job and I have some issues with the way things are functioning. The truth of the matter is that they have not had a profitable month, since I began here in April. Granted, they are not anticipating major profits, since it’s a start-up operation, but there are other things that are bothering me.  I found out not to long ago that the general manager of this particular operation had told my two subordinates to “pick sides” when it came to who they were going to listen to on how things were going to run.  I get it…I’m the new person and loyalties are important. I also found out that an entire crew of people had been laid off the week before I started, so there is this image that all these people were laid off in order to hire me. Again, something I can overcome. But what I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate is that one of my subordinates is not doing her job and I have been.

She happens to be the operation manager’s favorite employee and they work together a lot, so it makes it complex for me to go and complain about how he is running operations. She is doing MY job function and I have been making slow attempts to take over the responsibilities, but after numerous requests to include me in on what she’s doing and me asking her to focus on her job function instead of mine I am a little irritated. And she is one of these people – granted, I don’t want to knock her energy, because that’s good – but she is one of these people that has her hands in so many different things, she is creating a vacuum in places she is literally supposed to be doing – namely her job and not mine.

And the thing that REALLY bothers me is that if I tell my wife about this all, I’ll get the “well, I didn’t want you taking that job anyways”.  So, I’m irritated. I’m still looking for work elsewhere, but I can’t find anything and I haven’t figured out a positive way to handle the issues here. This subordinate has put herself into a position where no efficiencies can be improved, because EVERYTHING depends on her – i.e. you can’t do one job without going to her and asking for this, that or othe other and she begins to take over the function instead of doing what she needs to be doing.

Actually…we’re both control freaks…that’s the real issue.

Anyways, I can breathe now…I let it out. Time to take my job back – after the weekend.

I’ll be back on Monday claiming 5 days of sobriety.




8 thoughts on “Restless, Irritable & Discontent.”

  1. Well done and good luck. I found out a while ago that those of us who go to work to do our jobs and take pride in what we do are at a distinct disadvantage. I do a fair bit of volunteer work in the community and have done so for a while. Gee people filthy up when you weigh in, bleed for them, and are prepared to punch on with them to help them get better. Most average people think they are doing a great job. I recently met one built like a hippopotamus who believes he can go more than 3 rounds. Stop drinking a while and some 2 pot screamer will treat you like a wowser

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  2. Five days is good!!
    Office politics is a trial (1968-2013, and retired); there were times it drove me to the tipping point and over. In the end I adopted a strategy of keeping my head down for a while and learning the lie of the land then adapting, it might not have been pretty or dignified but the job got done, the bills (well some of them) got paid and funnily enough some folk appreciated my input. (I also adopted some seeming flippant and eccentric humour to work off the build ups of frustration and if I did sound off the target was usually some nebulous folk much father up the ladder or outside of the outfit).
    Here’s wishing you the best with your new job; I’m with you.

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