AJ: Great

Today, my Appreciation Jar entry is because someone mentioned I was “great”. I’ve never really thought of myself in that respect, but it was sure nice to hear after the rough day I had yesterday.  The reality is, once I stop and think about it, I have received plenty of compliments over the past couple of weeks, but I had stopped focusing on the positive and began focusing on the stress surrounding me. This is not the best frame of mind to be in, so when I heard the compliment today and thought I would go back to what I know was working, and that is what is…



3 thoughts on “AJ: Great”

  1. Yep! That’s the way to do it!
    (I’ve got an old memory somewhere of baseball catchers from a pre-WWII era calling out encouragement to the pitchers ‘Yeh! That’s the good old stuff! That’s the good old stuff!’….But since I’m a Brit, whose knows where I got it from…..Anyway it sounds good and appropriate.)

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