The Liebster Award


So, this is really late coming, but I was nominated a Liebster Award by Colleen (or Lola) Ackerman. She is really cool, artistic, kind and encouraging. I am so thankful to counter among my blogging friends.  And she has an amazing blog – heck, even the name of the blog is awesome – check her work out at Fires in Ashbarrels.

Before I answer the award’s questions, please allow me to explain my opinion on awards. First, I absolutely suck at responding to them – as you can see, it took me almost two weeks to respond to this one. Secondly, I try to play along as best I can, but I always feel like it’s difficult to nominate people. So, I tend to look at my most recent additions to my list of followers. Honestly, I have a tendency to care about everyone and I worry about making anyone feel bad. Some of you don’t really enjoy the awards, so if I nominate you and you don’t want to “play”, it will not hurt my feelings if you choose not to. Also, some of you I have made some really strong bonds, but it is hard to nominate everyone, so please realize it’s nothing personal, if I don’t get you on the list.  And some of you, I simply want to know more about.  So, what I’m getting at, is that my nominations tend to be random, without reason (although, sometimes with reason), and nothing too personal for selecting or not selecting.

Without further adieu (parts of it are plagiarized, because I’m lazy)…

Here are the rules for accepting the award:

Make sure to answer the questions below, then nominate up to 11 other blogs. The idea is to nominate those with 500 followers or less. Ask those you’ve nominated 11 questions and make sure to add the Liebster Award sticker to your blog!

Questions (for myself and the other listed bloggers):

  1. What is your favorite mode of transportation and why?
  2. What is your favorite foreign food?
  3. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
  4. What kind of music do you like?
  5. Why did you start your blog?
  6. Have you ever flown a kite? And if so, where?
  7. Would you rather live in the city or country? Why?
  8. Have you written anything besides your blog?
  9. Would you rather go to an art museum or a soccer (football) match?
  10. Do you speak more than one language (Klingon counts)?
  11. You are happiest when you are wearing what on your feet?

My Answers:

  1. the mode of transportation really depends on its purpose. If I am headed into the woods, up a rocky road to do some serious hiking, then I want to go with someone who owns a 4 wheel drive. Although, I love to hike, I hate hitchhiking. 🙂 If I am driving around town, I own a little fuel efficient car that gets 35 mpg, and that is my favorite. But, other than that, I’m not entirely picky.
  2. I just got back from Spain about a month ago, and I LOVED almost everything there!
  3. I have always had a dog living with me, so I tend to understand dogs better. Although, I have been owned by a cat or two. But my preference is dogs.
  4. Good gosh…it’s hard to tell. This past week, I have been listening to Journey, but next week it might be Miley Cyrus. And then the week after that, it might be Motley Crue. And I might even wrap it up with some In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly, and Johnny Cash might be on the agenda tonight. It’s really tough to tell what mood I’ll be in. Right now, someone at my work is listening to Katy Perry and I’m doing a little wiggling…does that count?
  5. Um…this one or why did I start blogging, in general?  Well, three years ago, I began using WordPress, so I had an outlet to discuss my mental health, the struggles I was having in life and the various nuances that are yours truly. Some of you know, that I have made some mistakes and deleted previous blogs, out of frustration and have lived to regret those decisions. Now, I began this one, it was because I was going to try and return to my religious foundations…lol…as you can tell, that did not last long. So now, I just rant and rave and whine and cry and let it all out. But truthfully, I find that I have a wonderful group of people on here that are inspiring and encouraging and maybe, just maybe I am of some value to others that read. 🙂
  6. Kite flying is fun, but I haven’t done it in 10 years or so. And I’d fly a kite at a nearby park, of course!
  7. I’d live in a cabin in the woods or a penthouse of a major high rise…lol. I’m so vastly paradoxical in my thinking. Hmmm…oddly enough, I just had a weird thought – it’s like I’m either a country boy or a city gurl…
  8. Papers for college, letters, diaries, etc. But I have written anything that could be published.
  9. I’d rather go to an art museum.
  10. I learned German when I was in high school. Picked up a little Spanish during one of my previous careers, but I have forgotten a tremendous amount due to lack of use. Now I speak gibberish with a little English 😉
  11. Sketchers! Have you felt those? It’s like walking on air. I love ’em.


Now, the Questions I have for the people I nominate:

  1. What has been your greatest memory?
  2. Have you ever sky dived? Would you?
  3. What is your greatest strength?
  4. Have you ever met anyone famous?
  5. Do you have skeletons in your closet or entire graveyards? (No need to discuss what they are, I don’t want to put anyone on the spot; but you are welcome to discuss, if you want!)
  6. What relaxes you more than anything else?
  7. If you’re American, who are you going to vote for? Just kidding…don’t answer that. Maybe answer, “Are you going to vote?”
  8. What has been your favorite blog post of yours? Will you share the link?
  9. Are you a morning person or a night person?
  10. What is your number one guilty pleasure?
  11. Do you love yourself?


And the wonderful people I am nominating:

  1. Single In The Suburbs
  2. Am I the only loser out there?
  3. This girl crazy
  5. Rachel Telles Photography
  6. Badge, Boots and Badassery
  7. On The Right Path
  8. KateStrawberry
  9. Love, Hate, Love
  10. Life the Biggest Troll
  11. Literarily Promiscuous



22 thoughts on “The Liebster Award”

  1. Hello TS! Thank you for the nomination. I’m honored & would be delighted to respond to your request. I’m getting ready to leave on vacation and will reply to your thoughtful questions while I’m away. This trip I’m taking will be the perfect opportunity to sit down and contemplate life, take time to wonder aloud, & read and write.
    Wishing you well friend 😊💐

    Liked by 1 person

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