Dealing with Anxiety

So, I’ve seen a few posts the past few days where people list the top 5 ways they handle anxiety. And I think whatever you use, as long as it is healthy, then you have to do it.  But, keeping with that idea, I thought I’d list the top (really, they are the worst five things) five things I have done to handle anxiety, followed by the things I know have worked for me:

Worst 5 things I have done when feeling anxious (Let this be a lesson, youngin’s):

  1. Drink – Seriously, this does nothing for you, other than turn you into an alcoholic, if you have a lot of anxiety and try and deal with it on an ongoing basis.
  2. Have sex with strangers – I haven’t done this in a really, really, really long time. But I can say, it brings a mixed bag of emotions, even if the anxiety is temporarily relieved.
  3. Smoke – In all seriousness, I’m not a smoker, but there have been times that I tried smoking just to do something different. I can’t help but think that this would bring long lasting negative impacts if it is turned into a habit.
  4. Entire nights of watching porn or strippers – Again, not something I have done in many, many, many years. But it can give you a jaded view of sex and can cause you to go broke. And chafing can be a concern too. Just sayin’…
  5. Do nothing – If you do nothing, the stress can eat you a live. You have to get the anxiety out or else it will kill you on the inside.

I have a list of things that I know have worked. Oddly, I don’t fall back on these much anymore, but I probably should. I know I have focused on #1 and #2 above in recent years. But the following list are things I know have been beneficial to me and I could probably stand to go back to doing them in a more routine manner:

Best 5 things I have done when feeling anxious:

  1. Exercise – The physical act of burning energy, when you are feeling anxious has a huge impact on relieving stress.
  2. Eating right – Let’s face it, a well balanced nutritional diet is beneficial for a lot of different things, but it certainly helps your mind remain positive and energetic in dealing with life.
  3. Proper rest – Ya know the old adage of allowing yourself the right amount of sleep each night has physical and mental health benefits. I saw another blogger suggest taking naps, as well, and I can say it has been a long time since I just took a nap.
  4. Snapping & Counting – Seriously, I heard a therapist tell someone once that when an anxiety or panic attack begins, start snapping your fingers and counting to 100. The therapist explained that when you focus your mind on two activities, the brain has a natural tendency to let go of other things – like worry.
  5. Socialize or Spending time alone – This kind of speaks to personality types. There are people that are energized when they are around people and there are people that are stressed around people. It’s important to be able to recognize what might work best. I know that I have experienced both, at times. Sometimes I want to be around others and have them take my mind off things, but then there are times when being around people causes me to be anxious and I need to be alone and quiet.

Obviously, I’m no expert, but these kinds of things are what I have done and experienced and I have found some things that I know can work well for me. Maybe I’m offering something that can work for others and maybe it won’t and you have to find your own methods.



38 thoughts on “Dealing with Anxiety”

        1. Perfect analogy. I’ll let you in on a little secret thought: my relationship with my mother is another thing that makes make feel like a female…the stereotype that mothers and daughters are al ways in conflict.

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  1. Oh, when you said ‘Snap’ I though of the rubber band therapy. Some of the sales trainers give their students rubber wrist bands and when they are anxious about a call, or project they are supposed to snap the band on their wrist to remind them that they ‘can’ do what they are trained to do, i.e. Think positive, ask for the business, problem solve, overcome objections, have a positive self image. Whatever the band might say. It seems effective to get folks engaged in refocusing their attention.

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  2. That’s a great list! I have never heard of the snapping/counting thing before, but I am definitely going to try it. And I will give a big thumbs up to napping, seriously. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again. Try it 🙂

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  3. The snapping reminded me of something a friend suggested that works for me. Sometimes I wake up panicking or have a panic attack straight out of the blue. She said to go around the house or where ever you are and touch every object to see and say it’s name out loud. Sometimes if I’m at work I don’t do the touch and the talking but do it in my head. It really works. For me anyway.

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  4. I deal with a lot of anxiety so I can relate to somethings. Sometimes, I prefer to be alone. Sometimes, I like being around people. I try both sometimes. I also I distract my mind with stuff I like to do like reading books and blogs, listen to music especially classical and jazz music. I love your blog. I cant wait to read more post by you.

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