Update: Swamped

One thing about me that is…hmmm…fucked up, is that I am a workaholic. I do GREAT under pressure. I honestly, only struggle with my mental faculties when I have little to do.  Well, this past week to week-and-a-half has been incredibly busy. I have traveled from Colorado to Wyoming 4 times in the past 5 days. That’s easily 1,000 miles I have wracked-up.  I have a lot of things going on, and haven’t had much time to really think.  I used to value thinking, but over the past few years, my thinking has taken a turn for the worse.  Today, I’m feeling a sense of excitement, a sense of hope, and a sense of nervousness.

As you are aware, I had a major decision to make last week. Well, I settled on Decision 4.  Honestly, I don’t mind traveling, for work, but I also like being able to work at a home office, as well.  So, I turned down the job I mentioned in that post.  By Monday, however, I had been invited to two more interviews with two different companies.  Yesterday, I interviewed with one.  Unfortunately, the company wanted to pay me “$12-$14 per hour to start with maybe a promotion and raise after two years” – needless to say, this was not a viable option. When I was driving to Wyoming last night, I received an email from another company asking me for a phone interview.  It is for a new company that is developing a technology for the textile industry that uses a gas we can find in the atmosphere and turning it to liquid, instead of using water, to clean industrial scale textiles.  It is a Colorado based company and will involve 50-75% travel.  But, it also looks like I will be home much more often than the previous job offer I turned down.

Also, I have been trying to keep myself positive on a few other fronts. For example, this bitch is down 3 pounds in the past week! WOOOOHOOO. I’m doing a little dance and a twirl, so there!  Okay, I just had to throw that in. Maybe I can get back to some regularly scheduled blogging soon and drop some more deep stuff.


17 thoughts on “Update: Swamped”

    1. Really interesting. Good luck mate. I hope your career kicks a bit of ass for a while. I have good years and bad years with depression. I was mismanaged for some time and my physical health suffered greatly when I had been in elite physical condition when I broke down at 18 then again at 26 when things were looking good and my medication failed. Now I am where I need to be and taken off 16kg in the last 18 months since I changed doctor and with his help improved my meditation regime whilst maintaining a sensible medication regime. Wishing you well mate

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