No need to worry: I’m managing.

First, let me tell all of you that have been worried about me, that I am okay!  I received several emails, as well, as comments concerning my poem about God.  It really felt good to know that there are so many people that have my back – it feels rather nice.  I’m thankful for the support. It’s been obvious in the past couple of weeks that I have been struggling with some things (I don’t feel like linking each post), and I was questioning my understanding of the world and I was trying to come up with some solutions.

Secondly, I am sooooo sorry I might have worried some of you. Granted, I really don’t blame any of you for your concern.  It’s not like I have demonstrated much stability lately, obviously my job situation is on my mind, my sexuality never seems to take a break in my head, my relationship is still questionable, the revelation that I have been struggling with alcohol again, the dark thoughts I have been having – the list goes on, for sure.  Truthfully, I needed to spend a few days away from blogging. On some level, I was feeling like I was relying on things other than myself to make it through on a day to day basis, and on another level, I felt like I just needed to clear my mind.  But logging on and seeing all of the comments and emails of concern left me feeling blessed, loved, appreciated on so many levels.  In my world, I feel immense loneliness, so it was so nice to see so many of you reaching out to me.

Thank you!


5 thoughts on “No need to worry: I’m managing.”

  1. You doing great! Life is our journey to the promised land, through a minefield… If mines are blowing up every now and then… You on the right path… Let us know what the promised land looks like…

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