Who are you to me?

Why won’t you give me answers?

And yet you hate me.


17 thoughts on “God?”

  1. God doesn’t hate you friend; He’s walking with you. Don’t buy into the negative that God hates folk who others in this world have decided are ‘sinners’.
    I know from my own experience it’s a hard thing to grasp.
    We (Humanity) were given free choice and We (Humanity) have made a shitty world wherein a lot of folk suffer. It’s up in us (Humanity) to make it better. We know how.
    Keep on walking the road, there are a lot of folk wishing you well.
    Take care.

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  2. God loves you since before you were even conceived he knew you! I will tell you this if you feel that God & Jesus are far away. Then start reading the bible even if it makes no since because it will after awhile and thru Gods scripture you will begin to feel him get closer to you and your mood will change and you will feel so much better. I was like you at one time I thought I was worthless no better than the dirt on the floor. But God said you are a gift I love you! Let me replace the father you never had and let my love shine through you!

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