QFMR: What if…?

I just made a post about my infatuation with dresses. And by the way, I’ve got a few beers in me, so I’m rather lucid with my words, but what if I pulled a Caitlyn Jenner? Sometimes I like being girly, sometimes people tell me I’m such a girl. What if…?


Would my readers still like me, if I identified as a woman?


75 thoughts on “QFMR: What if…?”

      1. I don’t hate you, just a bit disappointed; you’re stronger and better than that so please don’t let it happen again. If you’re stressed, go for a run, take a bubble bath, beat your meat until you get cramps all up and down both arms and hands…

        Just stay away from the beer and booze.

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      1. YOU ARE! Those who can’t love are the ones with a frill loose. Rock your life in whatever way frees your soul, sweet new friend. JUST BE GOOD TO YOUR BODY and don’t let the drink have control. Then we can go dancin’

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              1. There’s no reason for you to feel anything but happy as YOU! We have to be free to be ourselves and trust that there will always, ALWAYS be people who will love us unconditionally. From the looks of these comments – you got a good posse started right now!

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  1. This is why WP makes me so happy. All of these wonderful supportive people. Of course, I’d like you no matter what you’re wearing or what you look like on the outside. Do you and do it well. Hugs! ā¤ļøā¤ļø

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  2. Your gender identity doesn’t change who you are inside and that’s what comes out in your writing. I would still like you šŸ™‚
    And I agree with the other comments, you are worth more than a couple of beers to drown your sorrows. Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people deal better with life. And there is always an AA meeting somewhere nearby. You can do this!

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  3. Oh sweetie, of course. You are still you no matter what you look like on the outside. I hope your meeting goes well. And when you come visit, we’ll hit the King of Prussia Mall! šŸ˜˜ā¤ļø


  4. “Would my readers still like me, if I identified as a woman?” You pose this question as if the moment you say you ‘identify’ as a woman you will suddenly change. Won’t you still be you?

    Is this a serious consideriation? or is just oneo f those random what if questions you came up with?

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