Guilty Pleasure: Dresses

Okay, so one thing I happened to mention before is that I have done a little crossdressing. It’s not something I do often – in fact, other than wearing some panties from time to time, I haven’t fully dressed in years.Ā  But today, as I kept looking at my email, I had a banner that kept flashing ads for dresses at “SheIn” and I went full on girl mode in my mind and I’m like totally in love with a couple of these dresses:

This one:

Or this one:

Anyways, there are other dresses, but these two are just screaming at me. Granted, I’d never wear one again, but it’s still fun to look and shop.


44 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure: Dresses”

  1. also @ VictoryInTrouble: I got that black jacket-thing on my home page from SheIn; it’s the top of a swimsuit. They have very nice things and beautiful pics – I understand the temptation very well.. Both dresses are so beautiful!

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