Day 1: Another chip

I was cracking.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I am an alcoholic. I went to a meeting tonight.

My previous attempt was about 80 days or something. I was close to 90. My attempt before that was 57 days. Before that, one week.

I’m ashamed but I know I need to stop. I haven’t been honest, but I have drank almost every day since the end of April. I haven’t had anything bad happen to me, but I feel lik3 I have made a lot of positive changes, and I recognize this part of my life, directly related to my health, must change.

I’m on day 1, August 1st, 2016 and my birthday is in 30 days. I want to be free on my birthday, so I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting tonight – some of you were seeing me break, and I’m sorry.



41 thoughts on “Day 1: Another chip”

    1. Thank you. I guess, I’m more ashamed that I let myself down. I was doing so well a few months ago, but I allowed the stress to overwhelm me.
      thank you, for your support! And I enjoy seeing your pictures so much, because it keeps me connected to my home. 🙂


    1. Thank you for the well-wishing. Unfortunately, this post is over a month old – coming up on two months. Sadly, I’ve gone back and stopped several times since then.
      Yesterday I didn’t drink, today I’m not drinking, but tomorrow is another day…

      But I appreciate you stopping by and offering some well-wishing. It feels good to have support.


      1. Well you know what, It’s a day at a time. I too struggled for a long time, and I was at one stage fighting a losing battle – But I promise you that you will make it eventually. Keep the faith – the rooms are always there for you, no matter how many times you fall – we are always here to pick you up with unconditional love. Find a great sponsor and start doing the work as soon as you can, it’s the only way. The promises are real and slowly burt surely your life will change. I wish I could hug you!

        Take care of yourself!

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