AJ: Intelligent

Today, someone referred to me as “portraying smarts intelligence and emotional intelligence“.  I have always wondered about my ability to be “emotionally intelligent”. There was a time when I thought I was very conscientious of other people’s feelings, but I also feel like my time as a police officer had hardened me in some ways. Then I think about some of the relationships I have been in and I still hear the negative comments I heard in those relationships.  It made me realize, that I think the number one biggest insults I have ever heard about me are that I “don’t care” or that I am “not smart”.  Truly, I have spent most of my life working in my intellect and working on caring for others.  So, when I hear that I am NOT either of those things, it hits me for some reason, because it makes me think that some how I need to do something different to convince people I am those things.  Maybe, however, the reality is that people DO see those things about me and when someone comes across and tells me those things, literally, that I am intelligent – intellectually and emotionally – I probably need to listen to THOSE people.

So, today, I’ll take it and I appreciate hearing it:

I am Intelligent.


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