BYJ: Day 15 & 16 – Self Portraits

It’s been almost a week, since I made an entry in my Beautiful You Journal, but it is concerning something I am extremely self-conscious about: drawing. I remember a time when I wanted to be an artist – someone that could draw.  Well, in this section, I was supposed to ask a child to draw a self-portrait and then I was to draw a self-portrait.

I decided to skip asking a child to do one, and went ahead and made my own self-portrait. As you can see, art is no something I’m going to quit my job to take on full time. I have made plenty of drawings, but I am very self-critical when it comes to art.  But in this picture, I whipped it out with a pen and a notepad. The author from the book I’m reading, mentioned I will compare this to another self-portrait later in this current journey.

Now, without further adieu:

self portrait.jpg



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