Question for My Readers: What is Beauty?

The other day I made an entry in my Beautiful You Journal where I defined “Beautiful” in my own words. It’s something that is an intriguing concept to me and I tend to think of beauty in terms of femininity. To me the idea of being beautiful is something that I would want for myself on some level, but sometimes I wonder if that’s truly possible. But I am headed down a path where I am working towards a more Beautiful perception of myself.

But this made me wonder what others think of beauty, so, my question for all of you:


What is your definition of beauty?

What do you find beautiful?



16 thoughts on “Question for My Readers: What is Beauty?”

  1. According to me, a beautiful person is the one who has confidence in herself/himself, acknowledge themselves and who have faith in themselves.
    If we think we are beautiful, then no one can change that.
    And beauty is something which pleases us. 🙂
    That’s my point of view.

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  2. I think beauty is compassion for yourself and others. It is being in the world in an honest way, with feelings. Not a pollyanna view, not a pessimist’s view, but a human view. I find beauty in many, many things….those what’s not perfect about this moment feeling. 🙂

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    1. And THAT is a beautiful comment! Thanks for your offer. I think it is important to understand a compassionate view towards oneself and others. I was commenting on someone else’s blog that I had a therapist tell me once, that I need to treat myself how I would treat someone I loved. If I would be compassionate and kind to him/her, then I need to do the same to myself.

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  3. I struggled with this question myself as it treats beauty as something static and constant which to me it is not. What I find beautiful changes over time, which makes it hard to define.

    I also find myself distinguishing between beautiful in the sense of aesthetically pleasing and beautiful as inspiring, which again leaves me with really different results. I can find someone aesthetically pleasing, but still greatly dislike said person for their personality. Whereas I can think of someone else as less asethetically pleasing, but beautiful none-the-less because they light up when they talk about what drives them, or simply because they are a really good person.

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  4. I think it’s not feminine or masculine and you can’t see it…you have to feel it…kindness, humour, compassion sorts of things but mostly the very depth of a person really…and the depth is silent, blind and hard to navigate but worth it…

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