AJ: Being Fantastic!

I’m a lucky person today… I received two compliments! I had another friend call me “Fantastic”.  I like this, it makes me feel…hmmm…I dunno, good. I like the idea that someone can see good in me, I’m hoping that some day I am able to see what they all see. And this moment, I feel



7 thoughts on “AJ: Being Fantastic!”

    1. Thank you, my friend! This very series of posts – the Appreciation Journal – are needed for me to feel better about myself. If others see it, although I don’t, it must be something to pay attention to. I mean, I spend so much time listening to the negative things, but I don’t listen to the positive. Maybe it’s time to listen to the positive.

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      1. It’s true. But… not to be devil’s advocate… although I guess I’m going to… Isn’t this looking for validation from others? From a process that’s supposed to “fix” that sort of thing? Maybe I’m just being nit picky… but that seems contradictory to me! 🙂

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