The Miranda Sings Award


So, Lennon, over at Fabulous With Glitches, nominated me for an award titled “The Miranda Sings Award“. I’m usually not very good at accepting compliments, let alone awards, but Lennon is a wonderful person, so this is really for her! πŸ˜› In all seriousness, have a peak at her blog, she has a snarky sense of humor and is an encouraging person to have as a friend!Β  Now, without further adieu:

The rules for this blog are:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Name seven things you love about yourself.
  • Nominate and notify seven bloggers about this award.
  • You can’t nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Don’t forget to display the award in your post.

Seven things I love about myself:

  • I have a good sense of humor. Sometimes it’s dry, sometimes it’s snarky, and sometimes it’s raunchy. I’ve lost it someplace in recent years, but I’m working on brining it back!
  • I’m a fuckin’ brainiac.Β  I’m kidding, there are plenty of people smarter than I am, like many of you, I’m sure. But I have always been proud of my ability to reason and think (P.S. I slept half way through a calculus final and got 100% on the exam…just saying…).
  • One of my favorite compliments growing up is that I am conscientious of others. I’ve taken this to heart and although there are times it’s gotten the better of me, I refuse to give this quality up.
  • I’m not a quitter. I have always felt that there are people out in the world that will always be stronger, smarter, funnier, faster, and so on, but I don’t have to give up. It was the tortoise that won the race, after all.
  • I love hiking. I’m not the fastest hiker, but I am a diligent one. To me there is no greater sanctuary than the great outdoors.
  • I’m stealing this from Lennon, but I have some fierce wit and I might even bring it out to play soon, as well. It’s kinda been hanging out with my sense of humor.
  • I love trying new things.

Seven Bloggers I Nominate (I’m not sure who will participate, but I hope there is no pressure): Obviously, there are a lot of people that deserve to be nominated, but I kept my list to the seven.




15 thoughts on “The Miranda Sings Award”

  1. Oh, I am a scary math whiz, too. That’s cool. I have a freaking trophy. LOL I became the tutor in my calc class. Just kind of happened. Then there was that college course I took where I only attended class on the test days… all good… best grade in the class.

    How is it that I have that ^ ability but I haven’t a clue how to come up with 7 things I love about myself? Maybe I will try… but it may take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery…

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