Question For My Readers: Would you get a ticket to Farhampton?

“Hi, one ticket To Farhampton, please?”

I believe it was Season 8, Episode 24, Titled “Something New” that aired on May 13, 2013 that the girl with the yellow umbrella asked for a ticket to Farhampton.  And if you were a fan of the series How I Met Your Mother, then you were keyed-in to the season finale that year. It was the episode that finally revealed who the mother of Ted Mosby’s (played by Josh Radnor) kids were.  I know there are some people that found the entire series to be cheesy and thought Ted was a little bit of a bitch, but I loved this series.  I love romantic comedies and I always will, I’m sure.  But for some reason, there was something particularly appealing about that show to me.  There was something that pulled at me in an emotional way.

There is something about “the gang is all here” mentality about shows like HIMYM and Friends that pulls at us in some ways. There is this idea that we have a core group of friends that we grow with, they are the ones that always have our backs, the ones we share heartaches and successes, the ones that are there to witness our loves, our tears, our joys and all the other things that can occur in early adulthood – hell, some of these friendships are longer lasting than that.  Inevitably, these shows are really about what so many of us seek in life – the connection of a lifetime, the finding of our proverbial soulmates. And for me, oddly enough, even writing about HIMYM is giving me chills.  I’m not totally sure why, but I have this connection to it on so many ways.

I never really watched Friends, because I was so active with life back then. I didn’t watch friends until about the last 2 seasons it was on, so I never got really connected to that series. But with HIMYM, I was drawn in from the pilot and I stayed hooked through the entire series – even the last two seasons which were horrible.  Season 8 totally sucked, except for the season finale and Season was good, only because the entire got to meet the mother and, of course, Ted finally meets the mother in the series finale.  I don’t want to ruin too much of the series, for those that haven’t seen it, but the ending was not the one most fans would have picked for Ted.  But it does have a way of pulling at you, for sure.

Well, this weekend, I watched the entire last two seasons on Netflix (and had no one to chill with…just sayin’). And it got me to thinking about the reasons this show resonated with me.  I suppose I have never had that magical love feeling referred to as serendipity and I certainly have never felt that I had a core group of friends that gets presented in these shows.  It made me feel somewhat detached – like this is how life is supposed to be. And it isn’t like that at all.  Romantic comedies have always been like that to me, I think. This idea that love, friendships, relationships all have this magical quality to them, and yet they do not. This idea that, as the character Ted Mosby believed, there is that one person for each of us, that one destiny that we are meant to fulfill and you have to seize it when it happens – this idea pulls at us, even at times when we don’t believe it.

So, I pose this question to you, my dear readers:


Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in your Farhampton?


5 thoughts on “Question For My Readers: Would you get a ticket to Farhampton?”

  1. I believe we make our own destinies. 🙂 I, like you, am not one of those people with a big group of friends. I have a few close friends who do not know each other and that is enough for me to feel satisfied with. I love them, they love me and when shit its the fan we are there for each other (insert Friends theme song). And truly that is all I need.

    With regards to love: what the romantic comedies show is the initial period which is indeed butterflies and rainbows. What they often do not show is that relationships take work: you need to get to know that person. At this point you will at the same time discover some things that are awesome and somethings that are less. And that is ok. Because if you only idolize your lover, it simply means that you are not looking at him/her straight. You are simply refusing to see them for who they really are. No one is perfect: everyone has flaws. You need to discover if you can accept that person, flaws and all. It will take some work (possibly a few arguments and some tears), but if both of you find acceptance in each other, and together with that the right balance in your relationship, than that is what I call true love and destined to be. Relationships take work, but it often pays off ;).

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  2. I know that we’re supposed to find out what’ll work for us in this life so we are destined to live our lives some kind of way but even when we develop a plan, like the one I had to become a biochemist, things change… I wound up being a computer systems engineer. Was I destined or fated to be bisexual? I dunno but since my parents had tasked me to be the best I could be, I just took it and ran with it, playing the hand that was dealt to me.

    I do know that we’re all destined to do one thing and it’s the one thing none of us want to do…

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  3. I’m not sure about the destiny thing. Being me, not the most positive person in the world (understatement), if what’s happening in my life is my destiny… well, I don’t want to believe in that!

    But this:
    “I suppose I have never had that magical love feeling referred to as serendipity and I certainly have never felt that I had a core group of friends that gets presented in these shows. It made me feel somewhat detached – like this is how life is supposed to be. And it isn’t like that at all.”

    That sums up my thoughts exactly. I enjoy these shows (I did also watch Friends, but I prefer HIMYM), I enjoy romantic comedies. But I come out of them feeling almost resentful that I don’t have any of what I’ve just watched. And that’s when people tell me these are fiction… television… movies. Real life isn’t like that. But it must be like that for someone, right? So I feel that something (or a few somethings) are missing in my life. And as much as people like to say that “you shape your own destiny”… I don’t believe that is entirely under our control. In fact, I believe very little of it is.

    But that’s just me…

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    1. One thing I did like about HIMYM is that it kinda showed (though in a comical way) some of the crappy parts of relationships, some of the things that ARE real life and that something – in fact, most – just don’t work out the way we want.


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