AJ: I matter; and Thank You!

As some of you saw yesterday, I was in pain.  But I have some good friends here and I can’t possibly call you out individually, because it might take too long.  But I wanted to thank you all for rallying around me. It gives me hope to know that there are people that care. I was able to email a few of my readers – no, friends (If that’s okay that I call you that) – and although there were no promised to make the world perfect for me (I really do expect that, you know? 😀 j/k), you all allowed me to vent and express how I felt.  You were all so kind and there was one overwhelming message I received from you all: “You matter”.

So, today, I dedicate this Appreciation Jar entry to all of my friends and the idea that

I matter!

Thank you!


16 thoughts on “AJ: I matter; and Thank You!”

  1. All of us matter to someone. Sometimes we don’t see it and don’t hear it spoken, but somewhere out there we have made a connection with others. I found that out the hard way. When I did, it was like a new breath: a rebirth. And I began to like me again. Not everything about me, but enough to make me fall in love with myself more and more each day, a little at a time.
    We all matter… to others and ourselves. ❤

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I agree with you 100%, but that’s the logical part of my mind. During these tough episodes, the emotional part of my mind has taken over. I want to be in a position where I allow my logic to override my emotion.

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