AJ: Beautiful Soul

Today, I received one of the sweetest compliments: “…Try not to deny yourself of yourself; you’re a beautiful soul…”

I loved reading this today in a comment to my earlier post.  And it came from one of my best friends here on WordPress.  She has been a witness to my struggles and I have come to appreciate the talented writer she is and the fact that no matter how many times I turn into a bumbling mess, I can re-connect to her without issue.  And reading these words were a comfort to me today.

I’d like to think I am a beautiful soul!


7 thoughts on “AJ: Beautiful Soul”

  1. I have found my fellow bloggers here on WP to be encouraging and supportive. Tarnished Soul, you were kind and interested enough to become a new follower for me. Please allow me to return the favor. I am always grateful for every person who likes my writing – I consider it a gift from them to me. So Tarnished Soul, I am very happy to make your acquaintance and I hope we will be friends. Best regards, Cara Rosewyn

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