BYJ: Day 8, follow-up

I’m in the process of “fixing” myself.   I had a book suggested to me, that I feel is really pretty good.  I’m going through the suggestions in the book here. Well, I’m stuck on on of the suggestions – the one I mention in Day 8. Well, the truth of the matter is that I get hung up on details…I don’t know why, but when I encounter something I can’t do perfectly, I feel trapped.  I really can’t lug around a jar to feed quarters too on a regular basis.  Not only that, Hilda has a way of going on tirades and I would not have any money left to pay my routine bills, if I fed my Appreciation Jar some quarters for each thing said. So, I brainstormed some ideas and this is what I came up with:

  1. Create a sub-category in my BYJ titled “Appreciation Jar”, where I create entires for compliments I hear or receive.  I would simply put an entry in for everyone I receive (as diligently, as possible, that way when Hilda rears her mean head, I can come back to read my appreciate jar.
  2. Make a post, of one self-deprecating rant that gets a lot of what I feel about myself out an in the open. No logic, pure emotional outburst releasing all of the self-hatred I have.  I mention this, because Day 9 is focused on trying to understand where your negative self-talk is coming from.

Just curious what my readers thoughts might be.  Please feel free to offer insight or suggestions.



8 thoughts on “BYJ: Day 8, follow-up”

  1. An appreciation jar is the answer, with ALL the positives.
    Suggestion on the Self-Hate aspect… Consider this: It is something else I am truly angry with and it’s just that ‘I’ am in the way of the ‘fire’ and thus get the ‘full blast’…..Just a thought.

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  2. I think it’s a great idea but I do hope you have more in the appreciation jar versus the self-deprecating rants because you really should appreciate yourself like WE appreciate you. Just sayin’ 💕


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