BYJ: Day 8 – Self-Appreciation Jar

Today’s suggestion is to impose a correction when you are negative and say self-deprecating things about yourself. The idea is that you throw money in a jar every time you say something negative. The physical act of recognizing when you do it, will cause you to stop in the moment.

Although, I like the idea, it’s a little impractical for me, because I’m always on the go. So, I don’t want to lug around a jar full of loose change. Β Of, course, maybe it’s something I can begin in the future, but I’m the kind of person that I don’t like putting things off – mostly, because I feel like I’ll forget.

I’m also open to the possibility of opening up and trying different things. The idea is that I am able to change my thought process over time. By chance, do any of you have any possible suggestions or ideas to do something similar?


14 thoughts on “BYJ: Day 8 – Self-Appreciation Jar”

  1. This is a great idea – I really like it, tho I’m not sure I can afford it!

    If I was in the Mr Men and Little Miss books, I’d be Little Miss Negative – the negative thoughts never seem to leave my head from beating myself up about dumb things I did years ago to imagining how other people view me now – hint I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m a complete idiot.

    I think I’ll give your idea a go πŸ™‚

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  2. Being nearly 65 I reserve the right to come out with odd statements (Truth be known I’ve be doing that all my Life, but now have an excuse!…Yea!!).
    Depression has been an old adversary and sneaky because it works on me in nagging self-doubts, then tries to catch me with a sucker-punch….anyhow….
    I’ve read quite a lot of histories and listened to many intelligent radio programmes on the subject(s). The one big lesson learned is that everyone is flawed. Everyone makes mistakes and it is only the truly unpleasant and ruthless who think they have not and they end up getting their just deserts.
    Most folk are prone to feeling negative and self-deprecating about themselves because the world is a big challenging place and we can get over-awed, so we tend to feel we are ‘unworthy’. Not so, anyone who keeps on keeping on, no matter how they might feel about themselves (deep within) and just works for getting forward is in their own way a hero. Sure we can all call ourselves ‘twit’ ‘tool’ ‘klutz’ ‘berk’ etc, from time to time, because there are times when we deserve it, and we do not like to feel vain either….we’re are complex creatures.
    However, there are times, when this quote from Wellington (after Waterloo) will apply to you
    ‘By God sir. I do not think it would have done, if I had not be there,’
    Now this does not mean you have to do out there fight and win big battles; this means small victories, when you achieved, helped or just battled through something; something you and you alone won. Always remember those and as for the rest just think ‘Well, that could have gone better. Try and do so next time’
    And always Keep On Keeping ON.
    OK, I’m done.
    Hope that helps.
    Take care

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  3. Heh. I’d be broke and rich all at once! I like the idea, though. And it would be more important to me than something like a swear jar (I’d just have to call my bank account “swear jar”). Hmm. Food for thought.

    I’ve thought before that perhaps each time someone gives me a compliment, I should scribble it down and toss it in a jar. And when I feel shitty, I can pull out a slip for a smile. Hmm. Haven’t thought of that in a while.

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  4. This is a negative reinforcement tactic… I was trying this thing where I wore a rubber band around my wrist and snapped it even time I dropped an F bomb. Trying to give up swearing altogether would’ve been impossible. Anyway it sort of worked for a while… Until the very act of snapping the band make me say F**K! πŸ˜€

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