BYJ: Day 6 – Eliminate Fat Talk

So, today’s Beautiful You Journal topic is about negative self-talk that is focused on weight, or physical appearance, in general. And, honestly, it’s focuses on something I have always believed, but have totally stopped doing. It is an active thing to do and requires a lot of vigilance in maintaining: Do not allow fat talk from yourself or other women.

The book I’m reading literally tells you to stop telling yourself you are fat or criticizing those areas of your body that being fat is a conclusive thought in that criticism. For example, saying things like “my thighs are big” needs to stop. You can not say anything bad about yourself where you can draw a conclusion that you are fat. The author suggests discouraging other women in your presence from doing the same. It says to tell other women they are wrong for calling themselves fat and says you should offer things that are complimentary to other women.

Truthfully, I grasp the psychology behind this. By constantly pointing out things you hate, you are constantly hating on yourself. You can easily recognize it hurts when someone else does it, so why would that hurt any less when you do it? It’s the idea that shifting your psychology on the matter to something positive is going to create a more happy self-assessment. I have always believed this to be true and when I look back on my life, there have been different times I needed to put this practice into play.

I haven’t practiced positive self-talk in a long time. I don’t want to analyze the why and the how of it, because I know when I do that I’ll begin to justify it in my mind. But I do recognize that I am not saying kind things about myself and it’s been going on for far too long. I am ready to feel better about myself, and for that reason, I will focus on not thinking about my body in negative terms. And I want to make sure I don’t allow other women to do that either, by complimenting them when they do.

But I think it’s something we can all do for each other, right?

(Disclaimer: So, I’m not physically a female, but this book is focused on women. I have a tendency to relate to the world with a feminine point of view, although my masculine tendencies are inherently present. Of course, I’m not even sure why I feel the need to explain myself…)


3 thoughts on “BYJ: Day 6 – Eliminate Fat Talk”

  1. I agree. I’ve been body shamed my whole life, and I’ve even done it to myself. No wonder I’ve felt worthless for as long as I can remember. For me, it’s not weight. For me, it’s symmetry thing. Because I have a crooked face then I feel great shame. It’s a hard thing to snap out of, and I wonder if we ever truly do. I hope so because the negative talk we put ourselves through does need to stop.

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