Beautiful You Journal: Day 2

For starters, I created a category on my blog dedicated to this endeavor, so anyone curious about my progress might take a look.

Today’s activity involve taking a Pledge and the pledge is dedicated to being more positive and encouraging to yourself. It has the intention of helping you reject negativity and embrace positivity as it relates to body and beauty image. There are several statements made and the author asks you to focus on one that you think will be the most difficult – actually, let me change that word, because her word choice is more forward thinking – which statement will take the most determination.

Well, there were a few statements that will require me to be very determined, and they hold no less importance, but there is one that stands out. It happens to be the first statement of the pledge. It is somewhat all encompassing of all of the other statements, but also involves taking the drastic step of not being critical of your own body. I would imagine it means not being disgusted with yourself, your looks, your health, etc. When I consider this, I am reminded of all the times i said something incredibly mean about myself. But I can’t stop with that, I think, but I need to try and refrain from the thoughts too. This statement also looks at how you might relate to the world around you, and I feel like I have built so many walls and barriers around myself to protect me from everything, that to interact with the world is a little scary.

Here is the statement:

“To stop berating my body and to begin celebrating the vessel that I have been given. I will remember the amazing things my body has given me: the ability to experience the world with a breadth of senses, the ability to perceive and express love, the ability to comfort and soothe, and the ability to fight, provide, and care for humanity.”


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