This post was connected to me on my previous blog, and I felt somewhat nostalgic looking back at this several weeks ago and I wanted to share it again with my readers.


Not that my marriage is a shining example (It’s ending, but has little to do with my sexuality), but my wife expected total monogamy. Although, I am bisexual, she refused to share me with anyone. I know when I get into another relationship, that I would honor any expectation of exclusivity. In my experiences in life, every relationship involves sacrifice and you have to be willing to live with the sacrifices involved. If the sacrifices are not ideal for you or for your partner, then maybe the relationship has to be re-evaluated.

Just my thoughts…

Hello there again,

First let me thank you for following our story and most especially for taking the time to share your thoughts with comments. I could have responded inline, but decided instead to feature your thoughts in a new blog.

You mention marriage and sacrifice while admitting that your own marriage will soon be…

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