Beautiful You Journal: Day 1

So, I mentioned in an earlier post that it was suggested to me that I read a book that focuses on a better self image for women and I have decided to give it a shot. The main premise is to do daily challenges and journal about your thoughts and experiences. Although I get plenty of feedback from my readers, my intention for this blog was to find a way to impart a change to my life and I have decided that learning to love myself is the best way.

So here goes…

Day 1:

“What are your hopes—personally and for the world—with regard to body image and beauty perception?”

This is truly a tough question, because I’m not sure what my hopes are. On some level, they seem superficial – I.e. I want a fit and sexy body, I want to be attractive, I want more energy and to feel healthy, etc. And then to put it in terms of the world, I suppose I want the world to me a kinder and more accepting place. I would like to see more people treat others with respect and generosity. I’m not so sure how that relates to body image and beauty perception, so I might revisit this idea at some point in the future. But i think the idea of acceptance can be applied directly to myself – I can accept myself just the way I am.

“How can you begin to live your hopes today?”

I believe I stated this above by saying I need to be kind, peaceful and accepting. But I think I have to apply this to myself before applying it to the world around me. I think I can begin by saying kind things to myself, refraining from being angry at myself and certainly accepting myself as I am.


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