A suggestion: Beautiful You

So, the last few days I have been lamenting about my life and how I feel about myself, and I really don’t care for that.  But, I also feel like understanding where you are at is important to becoming a better version of yourself – you need a starting point and I feel like I need to find some solid ground to begin that starting point.  I want a transformation, and I want to change so many things about myself, but I think I have discovered something much more important that needs to change: The ability to love myself.

I discussed in a post yesterday a need for self-love – or rather, trying to understand how I can find self-love.  I had a very nice reader suggest a book titled, “Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance“, and it looks like I can download it to my Kindle for only $11.99.  Not bad for therapy, if you ask me.  Well, looking at the book (I downloaded a sample) and it seems very action oriented – i.e. not just advice, but it directly encourages you to DO things.  I get excited about things like this, because I am the kind of person that I need to put ideas into motion, before I spend too much time thinking about these ideas and working myself into an anxious panic attack about how I can’t possibly do things.

One thing I noticed, however, is that this is focused on women and girls.  And for some reason, the idea of me being “beautiful” seems like something I might enjoy.  I am male; although I’ve mentioned before that I get mistaken for a girl at times, I have always felt that I have a bit of a dual nature to my personality. In other words, I think there are things about me that are distinctly masculine, but I also enjoy some of the things that appeal to a feminine stereotype.  In this, I feel drawn to this book, and I want to know what it would feel like to be “beautiful”.  In a way, I hope this is something that assists me in accepting myself, as I am.  I have always wondered what it would be like to release my inner self and allow it to be my truth.  I enjoy my masculinity, but I don’t want to be ashamed of my femininity either.

Regardless of all of this, I can’t help but think any step I take towards loving myself more, is the place I need to go.  I mentioned in another postanother post that I have no idea what aspect of my life needs the most critical attention, but I think it boils down to the fact that nothing else matters, unless I love who I am.  I need to find THAT, before anything else.

Self-love is vitally important.


14 thoughts on “A suggestion: Beautiful You”

  1. Wow I think I need this. I also had a fellow blogger point me to a self help book and it was just exactly what I needed to hear. Self love is definitely something I need to work on and it definitely fuels my depression

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  2. Another point, I don’t think those gender separations mean anything. I feel like we’ve listened to the stereotypes so often that weve come to take it as the norm. Women are complicated. Men don’t talk about feelings. Women love shopping. Men love beer and cars. Women don’t shut up. Men don’t care about their looks. It’s all bs. Ihave a very straight guy friend who’s very emotional and cares about his looks and loves shopping

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