How Can I Love Myself?

This self-love concept has me in fits. I’m not sure how to love myself; what the fuck does that even mean? What does it take to make yourself worthy of your own love? I have been thinking about this all day and it even brings me back to a session I had with a therapist several months ago when she wanted me to list all of the things I say to myself (God, I really hate that I deleted my last blog.) and it was very revealing about how I feel about myself. I can remember the pain and self-loathing I had for myself.

I want to hide. I’ve done that before with beer, but it doesn’t work anymore. I wake up and look at myself in the mirror and I can’t smile at myself – What sick and twisted fucker can’t like himself? It’s almost like I fell asleep 15 years ago with one age of myself and have awaken to discover someone I can’t stand. It’s a humiliating experience to get out of the shower every morning and look at myself in the mirror.

I want to be happy with myself, but I can’t find the way…



11 thoughts on “How Can I Love Myself?”

  1. I am glad that you took my comment to heart, but sorry to read it left you feeling quite lost.

    You really need to stop coming down on yourself like a ton of bricks about this though. There are hundreds if not thousands of books on this topic… It is something a lot of people struggle with. Myself included. So you are not the only one and it definitely does not make you “a twisted fucker”.

    I have begun to tackle this problem with the help of a book: Beautiful you: a daily guide to radical self-acceptance by Rosie Molinary. Perhaps you can check it out? The author gives you one task per day to help you love yourself, so you get everything in managable chunks. Tip: stick to the one task per day and do not do more than this. The first couple of pages are free to read on google books so you can see if it works for you. The book is very much focussed on body image, but can also be used to improve self-love in other areas.

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      1. 🙂 You are welcome: as I said, just try it out for a few days to see if it works for you. It would be a waste of money if you purchased it and it would turn out it isn’t for you ;).

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  2. I feel like “you just need to love and accept yourself” has become a simplified answer to everything in life. Relationships work family.. I think people are more complicated then that. We’re not robots that can switch on the love button. I’ve seen relationships blossom where one person doesn’t love themselves and the other helps nurture themselves. I think the biggest problem is that people have stopped caring about one another. It’s become a dog eat dog world and u either run for the bone or get trampled on. Superficiality has become the new honest. Fake it til u make it. Self help books have made us more goal orientated and selfish. And telling someone to just love themselves is like telling someone I really don’t wanna listen to ur bs anymore. Its like saying snap out of it to a depressed person. No one wants to put in the time to listen. No one wants to stop and listen. They’re stuck in the rat race trying to save themselves

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