Would it shock you to know…?

…I’m a conservative?

I have enjoyed my share of same-sex love, being bisexual, and have enjoyed the love women have shared with me.  But I tend to side with conservative values over liberal values.  It might shock many of you, I’m sure, but it’s the truth.  I don’t like government, I’m inherently distrustful of anyone with authority and I believe in the power of individual choice. I despise taxes, I support the right to bare arms, the freedom to practice a religion, I’m inherently appalled at abortion, I believe that economic freedom can’t be granted by a state authority, I think anyone can make whatever friggin cake they want to make and no one should force them to be different. I value individual expression and freedom much more than the collective.

What I see as disturbing in the society I live in is that there is some sort of evil label attached to people that don’t believe the same, and when that happens people are brow-beaten into accepting the group think.  I don’t hate Christians, I don’t hate Muslims, I don’t hate Jewish folks, I don’t hate government, I don’t hate straight people, I don’t hate gay people, I don’t hate people that prefer not to make a cake for gay couples, I don’t hate people that want to make cakes for gay couples, I don’t hate…  You see where I’m going here?

The point is that we all should be entitled to live our lives the best way we see fit.  And I’m shocked that some in the LGBT community are indignant that there are people on the right that are calling the tragedy in Orlando an attack on Americans.  I’m shocked that so many have fought to hard to be included, that when it is offered, it isn’t good enough.  We can’t want our gay cake and then shove it right back in people’s faces, can we? I’m always surprised when people are lectured about loving others, and that love begins to come around and then the lecturers begin to hate.  It becomes hypocritical.

If a cause is worth fighting for, then it can’t be altered. Militancy breeds more hatred, and it will create more problems in the long run.  If any truly want freedom and if any truly want love for all, then it has to start on an individual level, because it can’t be forced. Truly, love is an individual choice, and it can only be shared and never forced.  If we believe that love conquers all, then we have to set that example and love those with whom we disagree.

Okay…that’s enough of a rant out of me…



4 thoughts on “Would it shock you to know…?”

  1. It is a bit of a shocker actually. 😀 But hey, everyone is entitled to their views, I agree. The only time I think that “views” get out of line, is when they really start to discriminate against other people, in real life. (Not just views at home, at a kitchen table duscussion). Like, I have heard of that “cake” case of which you speak… and my thoughts are, that it is ok to think gays are “wrong”. (Even if I think that view is totally absurd).

    But, when you start to actually discriminate (not only think, but act, ) against a certain group of people in society, I think that is a dangerous road to go down. It easily leads to further actions being allowed to discriminate against a group. Step one: Gays can’t buy stuff (cake) anywhere they like. Step 2? They can’t be at certain… concert halls? Step 3? They can’t be at…… ? You see where I am going…. for me, it just gives me chills, and associations to historically catastrophic ways of “dividing” people into different “levels” of how human they are and what rights they have… (Rosa Parks…. symbol of revolution against that kind of thinking).

    alright I am a leftie. But we can still be friends! Haha I promise! I accept different views. 🙂 Hugs.

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    1. Trust me, I think there should be lines drawn, but I don’t think private citizens should be forced to do something they want to do. Buses, are typically a publicly controlled entity, a bakery is not. Marriage, granted by state licensure, is public; a bakery is not.
      I’m also the kind of person that believes in teaching people to fish and staying out of their way, rather than just hainding over the fish. I believe human nature is to take the path of least resistance, but there is no need to do things for people that are completely capable.

      And I’m glad we can still be friends! 🙂

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      1. To be honest, I think a lot of differences of opinions when it comes to this, also comes down to cultural backgrounds. I am aware of the culture that exists in many places in the US. I have visited there and have had friends there. I know that, as you say, the freedom is highly valued there. I come frm a society where, while freedom is highly valued too, simultaneously we have a quite strong culture of non-discrimination, it is even in the law, that no one can be discriminated against, well… basically not in any way. We even have an exception when it comes to freedom of speech, where you can not openly verbally “bash” other groups of people. (For example it is forbidden in law to wear a nazi symbol on your shirt, and it is also forbidden to demean / discriminate against any group of people, like ethnical minorities and homosexuals, etc). So I think a lot of it boils down to what we gre up with , what we are used to in society. For me, it is sort of normal that no one can be discriminated or treated differently than others, whether in public places or in private shops, etc. We have even had a few cases where for example pub owners have been made to pay some fines when they have refused to serve homosexuals or people from other countries, etc.

        Anyway, of course we are still friends. 🙂 Like I said for me, anyone is entitled to their opinion. And I don’t judge friends by their political opinions. Friends will be friends will be friends!

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