Reblog: Convenience

I have to repost this, because I think it is eloquent in the explanation of a sexuality that I have struggled with, so I can see how others might struggle with it, as well.  This author does a great job explaining it.

Maybe I have just been incredibly unlucky, or maybe there actually is little to no focus on this, but so far during Pride Month, I have not seen anyone celebrate bisexuality. And I get it, I do. Itis a hard sexuality to celebrate, because many, heteronormative and LGBT+ people alike, don’t know how to touch […]

via THE “CONVENIENT” SEXUALITY — 5 Steps From Home


2 thoughts on “Reblog: Convenience”

  1. I’m not bi or gay. I’m not even trans. Maybe not even straight. Or asexual. I’m something else, and I have to say that I really do appreciate you bringing this article to my attention. Thank you so much! 🙂

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