I feel frustrated.

I’m looking for a new job. I wasn’t fired or let go, but I can’t find happiness doing it. I have some major negativity attached to it right now. I’m doing well, my boss seems impressed, people are beginning to see my value, but I just have this aversion to leaving my home town and this job will require it.  And, I’m not so sure I’m excited about traveling anymore, which leads me to experience the anxiety I mentioned before now.

I also mentioned a few other posts ago, that I needed to make a decision and I listed three things I needed to do.  Well, I decided to pursue option #2, which is to continue in this job until I can find work back home.  I’ve had a few phone calls, but nothing that’s going to happen before I take this trip.  I had one potential offer, but it was going to involve a relocation to L.A. and I wasn’t interested in that either. I just want to have a job back home, and I really am not wholly concerned about the pay – the benefits are absolutely necessary for me, however.

But nothing is going to happen before this trip. It looks like I’m going in a couple of weeks, and I find myself wishing something could happen that would give me a better option for myself.  I hate that. I hate the worry and wishing.  Acceptance seems to be my bane. And I just don’t know how to get to a position where negative thinking does not enter my mind.  I despise negative thinking, anyways, so I have no idea why I do it.



5 thoughts on “I feel frustrated.”

  1. Oh I do hope something comes up for you!! I am going with similar “negative” thoughts about my job and just can’t seem to find a way out of it…. My only hope is that I will have a few weeks time off this summer, and then I hope to find some new way of thinking, or new options, really!
    Well, continue to do what you do and keep on looking for other jobs, perhaps something will turn up. Sometimes life can surprise us. 🙂
    I still think you going away on a trip, even if a job trip, could be good perhaps? Maybe some new impressions or new thoughts? Who knows. Sorry, not trying to be overly cheery and optimistic. (I hate that as much as I hate our tendency for negative thinking haha). 😉

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  2. Hello….
    Your post is similar to my mindset few days back … I can just say that believe in the universe . all you want is have peace in your mind and think carefully what is really important to you…. Right now if your priority is your job then go for it if not and you love your home town then find the job that makes you feel happy as I believe that mind peace is more important than money….
    Wish you a good day…

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s a challenging time for me, and I think there was a time when I was fearless, but now it is not the case…lol
      I am working on finding a job that works for me, because I am ready to be in my hometown.

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