Sometimes, we are simply at a loss.

Evil exists.

And it sucks big green donkey balls.

I feel like there is something I should say, think or feel about the horrible event that occurred in Orlando, FL; but I find myself preoccupied with the aftermath of what is going on around the internet, media, politicians and everything else. For some reason, there is always a divide in my country that draws battle lines to appropriate blame on some person, cause, entity, religion, philosophy or whatever. People lose sight of what’s really important: the preservation of human life.

I mean I get it. I understand the need to find something tangible to pin our angst; and when the real evil that caused is no longer there, we lose our ability to wrap our minds around it. Situations like this make us feel helpless and lost and we need someone to care and comfort, and when it isn’t there, we turn to frustration and begin to lash out. It’s akin to when I was a police officer and I arrested a man for domestic violence and the victim would begin to lash out at me, because I was taking her sense of security away – although, it was misplaced so security. It wasn’t her fault, no more than this heinous act was anyone’s fault but the evil that perpetrated it.

But, we can all make it better. We can look at all of this with eyes of compassion. We can learn to appreciate that each of us is different in different ways. I maybe gay, I maybe straight, I maybe Christian, I maybe Muslim, I maybe right-wing, I maybe left-wing, I maybe all kinds of things that you are not. We can understand the pain some mother is going through right now because she lost her son. We can feel the deep hurt someone is feeling, because they lost the one person that loved them. We can be shocked at the horror that someone experienced, seeing a person near them die. We can cry for someone that does not like us for our choices in life, because they are no longer here. We can appreciate the bravery shown when so many came together in sudden need to save each other.

We are different, but one thing I share with you, is humanity. 



2 thoughts on “Sometimes, we are simply at a loss.”

  1. I love this post. The first part kind of made me giggle, but the rest is really thoughtful and I couldn’t agree more. We could make this about a million different issues, but what it really comes down to is grief, loss, and honoring the people who passed.

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