I Love the Mountains!

Hallets Peak
My Picture of Hallet’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Feb. 2015


Today’s writing prompt is “Mountain“.

The sight of the word garners so much excitement from me, it’s hard to explain.  I have always enjoyed the mountains, and being born and raised in Colorado, it is in my blood. I started hiking in the mountains of Colorado when I was a kid. My dad would take me, my brothers and sisters and sometimes my mom to the mountains for hiking trips.  There is so many childhood memories for me that every time I look at a picture of a mountain, I begin to feel a sense of calm like no other.  I even remember when I was in kindergarten, and upon completion we had a little graduation ceremony where each of us gave a little speech about what we wanted to be when we grew up: Yes, you guessed it, I wanted to be a mountain climber.

Obviously, I could not make money from doing that (Or rather, that’s what someone must of told me, because Ed Viesturs turned it into an enterprise), so I had to find ways to support myself to do my hobbies (I have another hobby that I have made my life’s endeavor, but allowed my depression to hammer it away…but I will bring it back). Well, in pursuing the almighty dollar (there are many more things – my marriage being another –  that have hindered me, but this was certainly important), I realized a few years ago that I stopped doing the things I loved. Growing up in Colorado, we always have the mountains in our backyard, so it’s easy to sometimes take them for granted and I wanted to change that.  So, in August of 2012, the year I turned 40 years old, I hiked my first 14er.

Fourteeners (or 14ers) are those peaks that climb above 14,000 feet above sea level.  Colorado has between 52-58 of those peaks (This is all depending on who you ask…I never pay that much attention to it all). I was in horrible shape then (worse than I am now) and felt like I was getting older and I needed to change what I was doing.  I decided to just go for it and I hiked my first 14er.  Mt. Bierstadt, sitting at 14,060′, was exciting for me to try. I knew it was going to be tough for me, since I was out of shape, but I accomplished it (granted, WAY slower than most people). It was kind of a kickstart to getting myself int gear.  Since then, I have hiked a 14er each of the last 3 summers (Grays Peak, Mt. Sherman, and Quandary Peak), and I have the hope of getting another one this year.

Grays and Torreys
My personal picture of Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks from atop Mt. Bierstadt, Aug. 2012


What this symbolizes to me – and I’m feeling more empowered now by talking about it – is the idea of overcoming my obstacles in life.  It’s such a cliché, because overcoming the mountain is symbolic for most people overcoming obstacles, but I needed more than symbolism; I needed manifestation.  The manifestation of putting words and thoughts into action.  Mountain climbing (or hiking, for me, until I get into better shape for climbing) was going to be my key to recovery.  It was my goal to become a new me.

I am so thankful for seeing this prompt today, because it has given me something to think about, something to remember and something to strive towards.  It’s given me perspective.

I want to live again!


6 thoughts on “I Love the Mountains!”

  1. Aaaah I love the mountains too! We have them in the North but it is a real hassle to get there, very far away. But anytime I visit mountains I get such peace in my soul. Sure, I like ocean/lakes, too, but nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the mountains! 🙂 💖

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  2. My birthday present from my husband will be a day/weekend trip to mount rainier. I too love mountains. I don’t feel a sense of calm with them as you do, I feel adventure and freedom. The ocean is my sense of peace and calm, I guess growing up in the waves of the Pacific Ocean will do that. 🙂

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